Arizona Sports Falls Short Once Again. (Dec. 3, 2007)

ASU Rose Bowl dreams stunted by an elite USC defense    HOLIDAY BOWL IT IS!! Yet another disappointing day in the world of Arizona Sports. The Sun Devils finished the regular season 10-2, being the best record the team has held since the “Plumer Days” in the 1996 season… yet no BSC bid (Thank you Sports for shafting us again!!)

    March 24, 2007, Arizona State Women”s basketball makes its first Elite Eight appearance in school history. Not only were they a marginal favorite but ASU had a chance to make a prestigious final four appearance. Yet, after a mediocre performance and  a 64-45 loss to Rutgers, Arizona sports begins its downward spiral that for some reason they cannot shake.

    About a month later the Phoenix Sun’s entered the playoffs with a seeming unstoppable offensive force. With a fast pace running game that seemed to leave teams in the dust, and reigning two-time MVP, the venerable Steve Nash, the Suns were thought to have it all wrapped up… or so we thought. With Dallas losing to the Warriors in the first round, it was now the Phoenix vs. San Antonio series to determine the Championship.  With the Sun’s coming off a 60+ win season, a 4-1 series victory against the Lakers in round 1, and a regular season series lead against the Spurs, there is absolutely no reason the Sun’s should not have won….. oh wait… there are a couple reasons. Namely two.. or three. One. Robery Horry; you cheating bastard, i hope a walrus takes advantage of you! Two. David Stern; How dare you suspend Diaw and Amare for barely getting off the bench and checking on their star player and MVP, and knowing have the public know that your favorite team is the Spurs. Horry (who the Spurs don’t need anyway) blatantly tries to injure Nash and sends him flying to the score table, and only gets a two game suspension. While Diaw and Stoudemire, who are extremely valuable to the Sun’s game plan,  step 10ft. away from the bench and did not engaged in any commotion and they also get a one game suspension. Honestly Dave, who did this really hurt more? Were you trying to protect your precious Spur because you knew they couldn’t win without a little help?!! (BTW, Tim Duncan is a goon). And finally, Three. Tim Donaghy; all i will say is… Douche. If seemingly, the premier sports team in Arizona couldn’t win a Championship, then what hope do we have?

    Oh.. Maybe there is hope in the air. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2007 started with the Diamondbacks attempting to win the NL West Division. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ biggest move in the off-season was when, on January 9, 2007 they got their 2001 World Series co-MVP back, Randy Johnson after making a blockbuster deal with the New York Yankees, sending to New York relief pitcher Louis Vizcaino and three other prospects. However, Johnson suffered from injuries and underwent season-ending surgery in early August. Yet a young Diamondbacks team was still able to clinch the National League West title and shut out the Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately our talented young D-Backs were shut out by the Rockies in the NL Championship. The streak continues……

   Now the torched is passed to you; my Sun Devils. ASU surprisingly started the season 7-0 coming into their first game against a ranked team, at the time #21 Cal. ASU dominated the second have to a commanding 31-20 victory over the bears, and finally the Devils start to gain some national attention. Then, after sitting idle for a week the devils jump the BSC polls to the #4 team in the nation. Jumping the gun everyone’s thinking national title prospects, and with a win over #5 Oregon the following week, it would be a definite possibility. But to no avail, Oregon undoubtedly the best team in the nation at the time, overwhelms my Devils to its first loss of the season. Nevertheless, a few weeks pass and the Devils bounce back to a #9 spot in the BCS, and coupled with Oregon loss, their only obstacle is a USC win to make it to the National Championship. CRASH and BUUURRRNN!  Rudy Carpenter once again whines like a girl, because he cant scramble in the pocket and get rid of the ball!!  It seemed to good to be true but a 10-2 season is still great and most definitely bowl worthy. Oh wait, i forgot Arizona Sports get shafted again. The Rose Bowl had to eff it up with its precious Pac-10/Big-10 match up with  its first pick in the BSC at-large selection going to a  9-3 Illinois team whose only merit was a lucky win over Ohio State.  Therefore, leaving the Fiesta Bowl, by contract, having to either offer to West Virginia (Big East Champion) or Hawaii (finishing top 12). ….So we’re left with the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl. YAY!. not.

I suppose we are left with one finally hope for the 2007 season….Our very own Arizona Cardinals. not likely. Although looking better from week to week, its still the Cardinals. Leinart is hurt, Fitzgerald is hurt, Warner is has a messed up elbow, Bolden is hurt, yet there still is that chance for the playoff wild-card slot…. But regardless Arizona has established itself as an viable contender in the sporting world. Suns are off to a great start and the addition of Grant Hill seems to be working perfectly with our attack. ASU will play Texas in the Holiday bowl and prove it can hang with the big boys. Also most of ASU’s play makers will be back for another tough year together (unfortunately you too Rudy).  I guess we all we can do now is pray…. -Daniel


7 thoughts on “Sports.

  1. Steven says:

    Yea I feel Ya. I mean, im not much of a sports fan anymore, and even if I was, you know that I’m sorta forced to be more of New York fan, but yea. I feel you bud

  2. Big D says:

    I just want to add, the the Holiday Bowl was ranked second best bowl game to watch this season by Rivals. com. GO DEVILS. .. and strippers.

  3. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, must you never give the WNBA any credit? You may have missed the memo, but the Phoenix Mercury won the WNBA Finals this year. So we do have 1 title, soon to be 2 with the Suns this year, as long as everyone stays healthy and Hill and Skinner keep doing what they are doing now. The Suns will become a dynasty team before 2011, just you watch.

  4. and I will say this, Cardinals will not make the playoffs this year, and will soon be bought and shipped to Oklahoma City along with the Seattle Supersonics.
    You don’t really expect a team that plays their games in a stadium that looks like the worlds largest bedpan to make it to the playoffs do you?

    Oklahoma City Cardinals, I like the sound of that.

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