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Stay Tuned.

We have a special treat for y’all.  All I can say is Daniel is making his major motion picture debut.  Word on the street is Big-D is growing a killer mustache in preparation for his role.  The project is in early production stages and the original soundtrack is coming along nicely.

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The DAN-ger Zone is Here!

After much contemplation and meditation, i have finally come to a name for my page… and as you can see “The DAN-ger Zone” will be the new haven for the mysteries of life, football, Gears of War, and everything in the world of midget tossing.

And as a celebratory occation, my good friend Bryan brought the “Danger Zone” music video to my attention, and i figure there is no better to commence the festivities then by sharing the video on my first post. …(although i am posting this video, I in no way condone anything related to Tom Cruise, Scientology, and shitty 80’s movies).

This will be the first of many my friends.