A Bite With The Gang: Taco Del Mar Review

How can I summarize this establishment? Horrendous service with lackluster food. I mean this is the antithesis of Cheba Hut. When Nick and I first walked in we met the staff; a desolate couple sitting at a table eating. After they casually stood up and walked around the counter without so much as a hello we ended up standing in line at the register for at least 15 minutes as the computer refused to work. Oh and when we presented our ASU discount card it was rejected. The food was OK, not bad but certainly no Filabertos or Valle Luna. And for the price…common.

The bottom line – You can pass on this one. There’s plenty of great Mexican restaurants in AZ, don’t settle for this tome of mediocrity.

Food: 6.5/10

Service: 2/10

Total: 4.25/10

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Stay Tuned.

We have a special treat for y’all.  All I can say is Daniel is making his major motion picture debut.  Word on the street is Big-D is growing a killer mustache in preparation for his role.  The project is in early production stages and the original soundtrack is coming along nicely.


Wag of my finger

Mongo Pushing! Not only is it very aggravating, but it demonstrates a complete lack of grace.  Please, for everyone’s sake, stop looking like an ass.  Don’t know how to push the correct way?  Don’t worry, I’ve assembled a tutorial. 

  1.  Assess whether you are  regular or goofy.  In skateboard terms, this means what foot do you lead with.  Do which ever feels more comfortable.
  2. Make note: the foot you lead with will NOT be the foot you pump with.  This is crucial.
  3. So, using the deductive properties we can determine that we will be pushing with our back foot.  If you’re regular, that mean you’re right foot, goofy; left. 

Congratulations, you now are normal.  Notice your increased balance and how people won’t stare at you like you’re retarded.  Have a lovely day.