The Magician’s Nephiew Review

I finished the first Narnia book, The Magician’s Nephew, and wow I am disappointed. The movies are bad ass but that is because they are visually and the Christian undertone isn’t too much shoved down your throat. But in the Magician’s Nephew, C. S. Lewis straight up steals stories from the Bible to create this boring, confusing, and impossible story. As much as Genesis doesn’t make sense in the real world, it just as much doesn’t in this story. Was it needed to tell me how Narnia was created?? Because it totally killed it for me. And then he goes ahead and steals a scene from the Adam and Eve story with the apple which I don’t understand. Why create an apple no one can eat?? Why tempt people to do bad things and then when they do you shun them? That’s fucked up.

So anyways I’m gonna rate this book:

Creativity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Shortness: 4/5

All in all, don’t read this book unless you want to read the whole series just to say you did because this sure as hell isn’t a good book and I’m assuming the rest won’t be either. I’ll rate the next one once I’m done with it.

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A Dream of Bel-Air

In light of last night’s dream filled slumber, I felt a new segment to this site was needed. We all have dreams every night, whether we remember them or not. And some of us writers here on DemDanjaBoiz have some pretty nifty ones. So I thought I would start this new segment with my most memorable dream of last night. Continue reading

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An Atheist’s Nightmare

Thursday, I found myself coming home late at night with quite the hungry tummy. I had been gone all day doing what I do and the sweet taste of spaghetti and meatballs lingered in my head. I looked at the clock; it read about 2 a.m. I thought to myself about how I could get myself some spaghetti. I knew Fazoli’s was closed as well as Olive Garden (but eating Olive Garden alone is just sad). I then wondered if my pantry contained any Spaghetti O’s. Though this is a poor subsitute, my options were slim. I got up from my computer chair and journeyed to the kitchen. Instead of going straight for the pantry, something told me I should check the refrigerator. I opened my fridge and what do I see? What amazing dish greets my looking balls? None other than a bowl of spaghetti. But not only just a bowl of spaghetti…but a bowl of spaghetti AND meatballs. What is the coincidence that the food I had been craving just happened to be the meal that my mom prepared that night. Also, what is the coincidence that there were leftovers? My answer, nonbelievers, is this: there is no coincidence. If you want something bad enough just pray and maybe you, too, will get your very own bowl of spaghetti with some added meatballs.

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Who’s job is it really to stop Global Warming?

POLAR BEARWhile debates of Global Warming and what we can do to stop its devastation are taking place, we need to realize it shouldn’t be completely our job to fix the problem.As earth’s temperature rises, our polar ice caps are melting and footage of polar bears being stuck on ice shelves, lost at sea, are being shown to bring pity to viewers in an attempt to make them try and do what they can to stop Global Warming. But since most civilized human beings do not live near a melting glacier, is it really our job to save the polar bears? If they don’t want to become extinct, maybe they should start stepping up, too. So to all of you polar bears: you guys need to start doing your part to stop Global Warming. I mean I don’t see you guys planting a tree, or driving around in a hybrid car. Instead you fish all day and swim. How fucking productive is that? Quit being so lazy and start doing your part. When you all die off I will feel no pity for you. You have been warned.