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A Dream of Bel-Air

In light of last night’s dream filled slumber, I felt a new segment to this site was needed. We all have dreams every night, whether we remember them or not. And some of us writers here on DemDanjaBoiz have some pretty nifty ones. So I thought I would start this new segment with my most memorable dream of last night.Whether it was on the internet, tv or just taking place in my head, I somehow stumbled upon the original pilot intro to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air television show. But through watching this, I realized just how different the show was intended to be. I must assume everyone has seen the actual Fresh Prince intro, and maybe you are even like myself or Bryan and know every word of it (including the deleted verses). But knowing the current intro won’t help you know the original. Oh how different it was. Instead of having it rapped by the Fresh Prince himself, it was sung by Carlton. That’s right, folks…Carlton. I don’t remember much about his rendition but I assume it was hilarious and he probably did his infamous Carlton dance. The other shocking aspect of this intro was that the cousin that stays with the Banks family, Will, was not played by Will Smith. It was instead played by some no-name actor. The final shock came at the end when it turned out the show wasn’t even originally called the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. After the pilot’s creation, though, the producers of the show decided to get Will Smith to play the cousin, make him the central character, name the show after his hip-hop persona, and ask him to create the theme song. If this drastict change by the producers didn’t take place, how different would our world be? Would Will Smith be currently staring in the smash hit I Am Legend? The world may never know. So let us marvel in amazement as we watch the actual extended intro video to the show that I have posted below and be hopeful that you may one day, too, be enlightened as I have in seeing the “original”.


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