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An Atheist’s Nightmare

Thursday, I found myself coming home late at night with quite the hungry tummy. I had been gone all day doing what I do and the sweet taste of spaghetti and meatballs lingered in my head. I looked at the clock; it read about 2 a.m. I thought to myself about how I could get myself some spaghetti. I knew Fazoli’s was closed as well as Olive Garden (but eating Olive Garden alone is just sad). I then wondered if my pantry contained any Spaghetti O’s. Though this is a poor subsitute, my options were slim. I got up from my computer chair and journeyed to the kitchen. Instead of going straight for the pantry, something told me I should check the refrigerator. I opened my fridge and what do I see? What amazing dish greets my looking balls? None other than a bowl of spaghetti. But not only just a bowl of spaghetti…but a bowl of spaghetti AND meatballs. What is the coincidence that the food I had been craving just happened to be the meal that my mom prepared that night. Also, what is the coincidence that there were leftovers? My answer, nonbelievers, is this: there is no coincidence. If you want something bad enough just pray and maybe you, too, will get your very own bowl of spaghetti with some added meatballs.


3 thoughts on “An Atheist’s Nightmare

  1. Bryan says:

    Hang in there Steven, surely your prayers will be answered, too. It is a busy time of season you know, Nick must have caught him during some downtime.

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