Wag of my finger

Mongo Pushing! Not only is it very aggravating, but it demonstrates a complete lack of grace.  Please, for everyone’s sake, stop looking like an ass.  Don’t know how to push the correct way?  Don’t worry, I’ve assembled a tutorial. 

  1.  Assess whether you are  regular or goofy.  In skateboard terms, this means what foot do you lead with.  Do which ever feels more comfortable.
  2. Make note: the foot you lead with will NOT be the foot you pump with.  This is crucial.
  3. So, using the deductive properties we can determine that we will be pushing with our back foot.  If you’re regular, that mean you’re right foot, goofy; left. 

Congratulations, you now are normal.  Notice your increased balance and how people won’t stare at you like you’re retarded.  Have a lovely day.


3 thoughts on “Wag of my finger

  1. Daniel says:

    i have something to say about this. Ive been skating for a while, and i actually ride mongo. not by choice, but it is the only way that i can balance and still get any sort of pop on my board. I just dont have the stability or the strength on my left leg compared to my right. And i am graceful, i dont look like an idot when i skate, and back in my prime i was actually decent. Stevie Wonder is the man.

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