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Make It “Cherry Chocolate Rain!!!”

Adam Nyerere Bahner, better known by the stage name Tay Zonday, has made yet another sweet video. If you happened to miss the internet phenomenon that was “Chocolate Rain” last summer, then you need to watch it first. After you have watched and enjoyed it numerous times… then check this out.  


Tay Zonday made for a mark in internet history in the Summer of ’07 for his his “Chocolate Rain.” This video has recieved nearly 12 million hits on Youtube and has landed him appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, G4TV’s Attack of the Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever. Recently, in Collaboration with Dr. Pepper, Zonday has yet another freaking awesome video. Promoting the new flavor, cherry chocolate Dr. Pepper, what better name for the new song then “Cherry Chocolate Rain.”  Now… lets take a moment to soak it all in.


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