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Who’s job is it really to stop Global Warming?

POLAR BEARWhile debates of Global Warming and what we can do to stop its devastation are taking place, we need to realize it shouldn’t be completely our job to fix the problem.As earth’s temperature rises, our polar ice caps are melting and footage of polar bears being stuck on ice shelves, lost at sea, are being shown to bring pity to viewers in an attempt to make them try and do what they can to stop Global Warming. But since most civilized human beings do not live near a melting glacier, is it really our job to save the polar bears? If they don’t want to become extinct, maybe they should start stepping up, too. So to all of you polar bears: you guys need to start doing your part to stop Global Warming. I mean I don’t see you guys planting a tree, or driving around in a hybrid car. Instead you fish all day and swim. How fucking productive is that? Quit being so lazy and start doing your part. When you all die off I will feel no pity for you. You have been warned.


7 thoughts on “Who’s job is it really to stop Global Warming?

  1. elle says:

    Wow! Your are insightful. I mean polar bears are total assholes it’s their fault that the polar ice caps are melting. I’ve seen countless polar bears crusing around in Hummers.

  2. Steven says:

    Dude. Polars Bears Tned To Be Full Of Themselves And Do That Kind Of Crap. I But I wouldn’t Fuck With Them… Espetially If When They Fuck With knives… Werd

  3. Ben says:

    Ok first of all. One, we are very responsible with what we do in this world. Live with it and make it better. later in our years we will look back at this as some of our mistakes we made in the past. Two, climate is warming up there, can you really expect that the polar bears are going to adapt there? There not now I’ll tell you that. If you ask me from what I know polar bears won’t hurt us tremendously at all. They pretty much eat fish and stuff on that level in the polars. So if they die off at least you can say that we have more fish to spare for us while the fish here is still being overfished with out being sold or not even indulged yet. Three, I do like the polar bears but I think we could only make them last only a little bit longer if we make the habitats for them.

  4. Shame on you says:

    Sure maybe you’re just trying to be funny, but you’re still an idiot. We are VERY responsible for Global Warming. The earth is warming because of us and it’s very serious. Polar Bears are doing what Polar Bears are supposed to be doing. Hunting, eating, sleeping, playing and procreating. There’s nothing they can do about Global Warming, but there’s a lot we can do.

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