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No Need For Make-Up

 I typed “Black Metal” in Google Image Search to find this picture.

 I dont know who those people are, or even if theyre in the same bands or even if theyre the same person or anything like that, because to me, they all look alike.

How can any band, or even just an individual be considered serious or scary when they dress like this? does painting your face like that and wearing unnecesarily huge spikes really do anything? No. its a gimic. if youre a Good band, you dont need a gimic. A good example would be Gwar (even though Gwar is obviously not black metal or anything. im just using them as an example relating twords the whole “dressing up” ordeal). Gwar is awsome, but they obviously took the whole “lets dress up” deal and fucked with it and have fun with with it.


Same thing with slipknot and old mudvayne and other bands like that. They wear clown masks, masks with 4 inch noses that they jack off while theyre on stage and mudvayne used to have blue and green hair and paint smilie faces and poka dots all over their faces. They do/did it for fun and it just so happen to work for them. But These guys dress like this and want you to take them seriously.



When I see bands that look like this, I want to ask them if they can make balloon animals and how much they charge for  childs birthday parties. They want you to think they’re tuff with those spikes on. I think when they wash their faces off, all they do is try to be goth and try to be intimidating (and they arent even good at it) and wear chains and really are pussies that cant back up half the shit they try to say they can or have done on stage. “Burn chruches”, “Kill People”, “Upside down crosses”, “Satan”, “Norway”, “evil”, “darkness/blackness of the soul”… Fuck you, ha ha! Whateve…


If you’re so “black metal” why do you wear white make-up? hmm?
ha ha. im an asshole. if youre into that kind of music, then whatever. Thats chill. I Don’t think any less or more of you. Seriously. Do what you wanna do. But thats just not my cup of tea. Everyone knows that I listen to alot of different kinds of music from hardcore bands to bands like tool as well as glassjaw, slipknot, incubus, slayer, dashboard cofetional, marilyn manson(another good exaple of someone that makes a joke out of the appearence deal), cypriss hill, emery and the list could go on for days and a half dude, so yea. I might be able to tolerate the music, but the appearance of the genre “black metal'” Is stupid as hell TO ME. This is just MY opinion. Like I just said. I listen to all different kinds of music, and actually like a few “black metal” bands, but the appearence that pretty much all of them have annoys the shit out of me. Idk. I actually think its really dumb, but that me, and im fat. So what do I know? Ima go mosh to some cradle of filth with all my chains and black ufo/hot topic pants and drink excesive amounts of jager (b/c jager is as black as my soul).


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