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Pandaf Golf

I would like to start off by saying congratulations to the creators of this game for finding and exploiting every way possible to piss me off while trying to enjoy your sickly addicting game of ball bouncing.I have dealt with your bouncing platforms, your spike covered platforms, and your ridiculous volcanoes, but is it too hard to ask that the code given for a particular level be the code that takes me to that level again? When I am given, say, the code EFGOFG for, say, level 65, should I not expect that that same code, EFGOFG take me to level 65 when I type it into the level choosing box? Why then does it take me back several levels? Having multiple levels sharing the same code is stupid. Plain and simple. But I have learned to get over this little problem by taking breaks, and then devoting my time to getting back to my previous level at a later date. But now I have come to my last straw. In my latest level, my ball was caught bouncing between two pieces of bamboo and continued on a bouncing spree that would never cease. I in-turn wrote down that level’s password, MISTJO[ and typed that in assuming it would take me right back to that level. And did it? Oh no, my friends. It did not. What level did it take me to you might ask? Try level 1. The password of what should have taken me to roughly level 85 took me back to level fucking 1. Wow. I’m done with that game. At least for the night. If your up to the challenge, I say try the game out for yourself.


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